Jay Thomas (2018), Chair
Mickey Smythe (2017), Secretary
Tim Bauer (2018)
Hannah Delph (2017)
Brian Gordon (2017)
Cecil Gordon (2017)
Sam Hansen (2017)
Suzanne Heath (2019)
Jim Holcomb (2017)
Brad Jacobs (2017)
Larry Johnson (2018)
Claire Letendre (2017)
Jeri Marshburn (2018)
Dan McAllen (2018)
Erin McCarthy (2017)
Ed Miller (2018)
Gloria Schuldt (2017)
Sandy Searcy (2018)
Rachel Stratton-Mills (2019)
Mike Stromberg (2020)
John Wilson (2020)
Carol Zaleski (2017)
Julie Bare, Ex-officio
Charles Cockrell, Ex-officio
Anneliese Eggert, Ex-officio
Lucinda McRoberts, Ex-officio
Chuck Wielgus, Ex-officio
Cathy Durance, Staff Liaison

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Mission Statement: To act as the custodian of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, responsible for its contents, amendment process, and interpretation.


Membership: The committee membership shall be structured as follows:
a. the Chair of the Officials Committee, the Chair of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Swimming
Committee, the Chair of the High School Swimming Rules Committee, the Technical Vice
President, the Program Operations Vice President, the immediate past chair of the Rules and
Regulations Committee, the USA Swimming representative to the FINA Open Water Swimming
Technical Committee, and the USA Swimming representative to the FINA Technical Committee
or their respective designees;

b. a representative from each Allied member appointed by that member within thirty days following
the annual meeting in even-numbered years;

c. eight non-athlete members appointed by the President, none of whom shall be members of the
Board of Directors, and three of whom shall be coaches, each serving a four-year term, staggered
so that two members are appointed annually;

d. a sufficient number of athletes appointed by the Athletes Committee so as to constitute at least
twenty percent of the voting membership of the Committee;

e. ex-officio members (Executive Director, Secretary/General Counsel, the representative of U.S.
Masters Swimming, the staff liaison, and others appointed by the Chair of the Rules and
Regulations Committee) with voice but no vote.

The President, subject to the approval of the House of Delegates, shall appoint the chair of the committee for a two-year term, who shall appoint a secretary. Those persons originally selecting members of the committee shall fill vacancies occurring in membership.


Responsibilities: See USA Swimming Rules and Regulations for additional responsibilities.
1. To have the sole authority to interpret the technical rules for swimming which are contained in Part One and Seven of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations when requested by the Board of Directors, local swimming committees, staff, committees, members of the corporation, or when interpretation seems appropriate.

2. To have joint authority with the Secretary of the Corporation to officially interpret Part two of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.

3. To receive all proposed changes to the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations.

4. To review or initiate proposed amendments to the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations with
recommendation for approval or rejection at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.

5. To review and approve changes in LSC affiliation of clubs, changes in the territorial boundaries of
LSCs, and changed in the Zone affiliations of LSC’s as prescribed by the procedures set forth in the
USA Swimming Rules & Regulations.

6. To review applications for the creation of new LSCs and to study the geographical structure of the
corporation prior to submitting recommendations to the House of Delegates.

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