Mary Jo Swalley (2018), Chair
Starre Haney (2016)
John Kline (2016)
Chuck Kunsman (2017)
Tyler Lis (2016)
Maia Petrides (2016)
Jennifer Ridge (2018)
Mike Seip (2017)
Lynne Shine (2019)
Adam Zeichner (2019)
Allan Meier (2016), Ex-officio
Adolph Kiefer (2016), Emeritus

George Ward, Staff Liaison


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Mission Statement: To provide information that will aid in administering competitive
swimming, including open water, in a safe environment and to continually review and
implement ways to provide safety education and awareness.


Membership: The President shall appoint the committee comprised of one athlete and four
other members, geographically distributed, who have long-term membership in USA
Swimming with expertise or experience in safety (other than that acquired in the sport).
Terms of the non-athlete appointments shall be four years, staggered so that 25% of the nonathlete
members are appointed annually.


1. To promote safety education programs for swimming.
2. To raise safety awareness in all activities within the swimming community.
3. To coordinate and ensure that the safety education requirements for membership
are developed, implemented, and available.
4. To coordinate with other USA Swimming committees on safety issues as

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