Laura Matuszak (2019), Chair
Pam Cook (2019)
Bob Crunstedt (2017)
Ceallach Gibbons (2017)
JP Greener (2017)
Steve Hennessy (2017)
Shelly Rawding (2020)
Wayne Shulby (2018)
Jon Sommervold (2018)
Paul Thompson (2020)
Mariejo Truex, Staff Liaison



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Mission Statement: To provide a national network for LSC education and communication
and to serve as a resource for LSC leaders


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of eight people appointed by the President,
plus two athletes. Non-athlete appointments shall serve four-year terms, staggered so that
25% are appointed annually.


Meetings: The committee shall meet as necessary by conference call and at the annual
meeting of USA Swimming.


1. To strengthen LSC governance and operations by providing educational opportunities
and mentoring for LSC boards and officers;*
2. To provide a national network to enhance the sharing of information and ideas among
LSC leaders;
3. To identify and provide support to LSCs experiencing operational and governance
4. To monitor LSC compliance with respect to LSC obligations to USA Swimming and
facilitate necessary action to insure compliance;
5. To work with LSCs to encourage good public relations with their constituencies;
6. To foster methods of communication.

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