Mark Rieniets (2019), Chair
Haley Beranbaum (2017)
Linda Conger (2018)
Tharon Drake (2017)
Tom Franke (2018)
Jon Larson (2020)
John Loria (2020)
Jim Peterfish (2017)
Kyle Smith (2017)
Bob Welch (2019)
Randy Julian, Staff Liaison

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Mission Statement: To encourage people with disabilities to participate in the sport of
swimming and to facilitate their inclusion in USA Swimming programs through education and


We seek to involve people with disabilities in existing competitions and programs for all swimmers, rather than provide unique disability-only opportunities.


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of two athletes and eight people appointed
by the President. Non-athlete appointments shall serve four-year terms, staggered so that
25% are named annually.


1. To educate athletes, parents, coaches, officials, and other members of the
swimming community about competitive swimming opportunities to athletes with
2. To collaborate with USA Swimming committees, disability sports organizations, the
USOC, and other relevant groups to achieve the mission of full integration of
swimmers with disabilities in USA Swimming programs.
3. To assist USA Swimming in fulfilling the mandates of the Americans with
Disabilities Act and the Amateur Sports Act with respect to participation of
swimmers with disabilities in USA Swimming programs.


Contact Details:

USA Swimming's Disability Swimming Committee is eager to help swimmers, coaches, clubs, and officials to include swimmers with disabilities. With the help of our colleagues in the disability swimming community, we have a lot of experience to share.
If you have a question or concern, please contact Randy Julian (rjulian@usaswimming.org), the staff liaison for the Disability Swimming Committee or Gail Dummer (dummer@msu.edu), the committee chairperson. Your LSC Disability Swimming Chairperson is another available resource.

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