Tim Husson (2020), Chair
Lyle Campbell (2017)
Jeanne Drzewiecki (2018)
Isabelle Fraser (2017)
Shawn Geil (2019)
Susan Huckeby (2020)
Anissa Kanzari (2019)
Rina Laios (2017)
Lisa Olack (2018)
Nate Wright (2017)
Larry Herr, Staff Liaison


Mission Statement: To assist in the development and implementation of policy for the processes used to store times information in the SWIMS database, to process that information for entry time verification and performance recognition, to educate and communicate with the LSC SWIMS Times Officers and oversee their data loading, and to provide service to Program Operations for recognition of swimmer achievements in recognized competitions and at national-level meets to include athlete reimbursement, Scholastic All America, Age Group Top 10, and Records.

Membership: The committee shall be comprised of, two athletes, and eight members appointed by the President. Non-athlete appointments shall serve four-year terms, staggered so that 25% are named annually.

Meetings: The committee shall meet as necessary by conference call and at the annual meeting of USA Swimming.

Chair:  Suzanne Heath
Staff Liaison: Larry Herr

  1. To develop policy, procedures and criteria for entry of times from all USA Swimming sanctioned and approved meets, and observed swims by designated SWIMS Times Module Officers in each LSC.
  2. To maintain a list of and provide support to LSC SWIMS Times Module officers and monitor their compliance with published standards and guidelines to ensure that data from the field is properly transferred to the SWIMS database.
  3. To make recommendations regarding potential enhancements to the LSC SWIMS functionality.
  4. To maintain a list of all meets authorized for USA Swimming observation and to forward those needing approval to the Vice President of Program Operations or designee.
  5. To authorize meets requesting approval status by Program Operations (club-hosted open approved meets).
  6. To verify compliance of potential new records [e.g., World, American, U.S. Open, National Age Group with published rules and standards, and to execute appropriate steps for recognition.
  7. To develop and implement a selection process for Scholastic All-America and ensure that recognition is distributed in a timely fashion.
  8. To establish and publish the National Age Group Motivational Times for Traditional Age Groups and Single Age Groups for each quadrennium.
  9. To assist in the annual publication of short and long course National Age Group Recognition listings and in the distribution of certificates and awards.
  10. To oversee the process for the reimbursement of athlete travel expenses to the USA Swimming National Championships according to the current Athlete Reimbursement policy.

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