Ron Zolno (2020), Chair
Jack Dowling (2017)
Kate Mills (2017)
Jack Neill (2020)
Dave Olack (2018)
John Reynolds (2019)
Kathleen Scandary (2018)
Denice Wepasnick (2019)
Fran Werner (2017)
Reece Whitley (2017)
Dean Ekeren, Staff Liaison

Mission Statement: To provide meaningful feedback to USA Swimming, the event host, and
future meet hosts to insure that national-level swimming competitions provide the best
possible environment for maximizing athlete performance.


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of two athletes and eight people appointed
by the President. Non-athlete appointments shall serve four-year terms, staggered so that
25% are named annually.




1. To evaluate the conduct of meets conducted by Program Operations from the
perspective of the athletes, coaches, spectators and officials.
2. To report these findings to the Program Operations Vice President and the National
Events Director.
3. To recommend appropriate action to the Program Operations Vice President for
improving the conduct of the national championships.

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