Jim Holcomb (2019), Chair
James Cahn (2018)
Sandy Drake (2020)
Bob Griffiths (2017)
Melissa Hellervik-Bing (2018)
Patrick Hunter (2017)
Anne Lawley (2020)
Scott Mengelkoch (2019)
Bill H. Rose (2017)
Andrew Tang (2017)
Joel Black (2017), Ex-officio
Jay Thomas (2018), Ex-officio
Carol Zaleski (2017), Ex-officio
Gina Mensay, Staff Liaison

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Mission Statement: To conduct programs to recruit, educate, train and certify USA Swimming
officials to provide high quality and consistent officiating.


Membership: The committee shall consist of eight (8) members appointed by the President and two (2) athletes designated by the Athletes’ Committee. The Chair of the Rules and Regulations
Committee shall be an ex officio member with voice but no vote. The Presidential appointments shall
be for a term of four (4) years which shall be staggered so that 25% of such members are appointed
annually. The President or his designee shall choose one of the appointed persons to act as the Committee Chair, or in lieu thereof, name two (2) persons to serve as co-chairs. The chair(s) shall be appointed annually and may, at the pleasure of the President, serve in that capacity for four (4) consecutive years, but not longer.


1. Promulgate officials’ performance standards for all USA Swimming sanctioned or sponsored
2. Develop and publish educational materials and conduct training seminars and clinics for
3. Develop testing materials for officials at all levels.
4. Assist staff in maintaining a current roster of LSC Officials’ Chairs and Zone Officials’ Chairs.
5. Work with LSC Officials Chairs and Zone Officials Chairs to provide support for local swim
officiating programs
6. Supervise the certification of all officials above the LSC level.
7. Assist staff in maintaining a roster of officials certified above the LSC level.
8. The Officials Chair or co-chairs, together with the Vice President of Program Operations, will
review and approve the selection of officials for all USA Swimming Championships.
9. The Officials Chair or co-chairs, together with the Vice President of Program Operations, will
identify potential nominees for appointment to the FINA officials’ lists for submission to the
Board of Directors of USA Swimming.
10. Develop specialized programs as necessary to ensure quality officiating at Open Water Meets.
11. Work with other swimming bodies to promote consistency of officiating for all athletes.

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