(committee will be sunset on August 22, 2016)
Brandon Drawz (2016), Coordinator
Bob Staab (2016), Asst. Coordinator

Tony Batis (2016)
Tim Bauer (2016)
John Bitter (2016)
Bob Bowman (2016)
Clark Burckle (2016)
Sid Cassidy (2016)
Ed Dellert (2016)
John Dussliere (2016)
Mark Dylla (2016)
Gregory Eggert (2016)
Michael Gobrecht (2016)
Emily Hanson (2016)
Tom Hasz (2016)
Margaret Hoelzer (2016)
Ira Klein (2016)
Michael Lawrence (2016)
John Leonard (2016)
Tim Liebhold (2016)
David Marsh (2016)
Vicki Marsh (2016)
Jeri Marshburn (2016)
Dan McAllen (2016)
Teri McKeever (2016)
Matt McLean (2016)
Tim Murphy (2016)
Pete Raykovich (2016)
R. Bill Rose (2016)
Denny Ryther (2016)
Megan Ryther (2016)
David Salo (2016)
Bill Schalz (2016)
Todd Schmitz (2016)
Brian Schrader (2016)
M. Duncan Scott (2016)
Marie Scovron (2016)
Jim Sheehan (2016)
Rick Shipherd (2016)
Richard W. Shoulberg (2016)
Sheri Stoddard (2016)
Terry Stoddard (2016)
Bruce Stratton (2016)
Davis Tarwater (2016)
Penny Taylor (2016)
Susan Teeter (2016)
Gregg Troy (2016)
Bill Wadley (2016)
Mark Weber (2016)
Garrett Weber-Gale (2016)
Jim Wood (2016)
Scott Rodeo (2016), Ex-officio
Frank Busch, Staff Liaison

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Mission Statement: In cooperation with the National Team Head Coach, to develop and
implement the National Team program, including schedule planning, team and staff selection,
participation requirements and criteria.


Membership: The membership of the OIOC is prescribed according to Article 506.3 of the
USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.


1. To establish staff and athlete selection procedures for camps and competitions.
2. To evaluate National Team programs and new program proposals with respect.
3. To implement programs that will promote the team concept and a positive national
team image.
4. To establish a quadrennial plan, including selection procedures and training camps
that will enhance preparation and provide the necessary focus on international
5. To provide opportunities for elite athletes to make an uncompromised long range
commitment to preparation for major international competition.
6. To facilitate coach interaction at the national team level with a focus on preparation
for major international competition.
7. To prepare future national team members to become contributing members of a
successful team effort at the highest level of international competition.
8. To provide incentives, rewards and recognition for world class achievement.
9. To facilitate planning for the needs of the National Team in preparation for major
international events.
10. To evaluate National Team trips and personnel.
11. To conduct a program in Sports Medicine/Sports Science.




Mission Statement: Under the leadership of the National Team Head Coach, to present
National Team program proposals to the OIOC and to conduct the business of the National
Team program between OIOC meetings.


Membership: The Steering Committee shall consist of eight (8) coaches selected by the
National Team Head Coach/General Manager; two athletes selected by the Athletes
Committee, one female/one male, both former USA Olympic Team members; the National
Team Head Coach/General Manager, the OIOC Coordinator, the Technical Vice-President,
the Chair of the Senior Development Committee, and the Chair of the Sports Medicine
Committee who shall be ex officio members of the Committee with voice but no vote.
Members shall serve a term commencing with appointment or election and extend until the
last day of the next Olympic Games.



1. To develop a National Team Program for OIOC approval.
2. To expedite decisions between OIOC meetings.
3. To address the specific needs of the National Team in preparation for major
international events.
4. To evaluate, develop projects, and conduct long range plans in all areas
concerning National Teams.

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