Jennifer Gibson (2018), Chair
Erik Bing (2017)
Breandan Gibbons (2017)
Tom Himes (2020)
Tammy Hopkins (2017)
John Leonard (2020)
Tina McCauley (2017)
Jade Sobek (2019)
Jonathan Watson (2018)
Beth Winkowski (2019)
Tom Avischious, Staff Liaison


Mission Statement: To plan for the needs of the Age Group level of our sport. To generate,
evaluate, and communicate ideas, which will assist USA Swimming in planning and
developing quality age group swimming programs


Membership: The committee shall be comprised of eight people appointed by the President,
plus two athletes with at least one representative from each Zone. At least five of the
members shall be coaches. Each non-athlete member shall serve a four-year term,
staggered so that two appointments are made annually.
Note: In transitioning to the new system, existing committee members shall fulfill their
elected terms.


1. To conduct an ongoing evaluation of the local and national age group programs.
2. To develop and submit proposals to provide for the long range planning of age
group swimming.
3. To encourage the development of programs that promote participation.
4. To oversee recognition for age group swimmers.
5. To communicate with and provide education and direction for the age group
chairs in each LSC.
6. To develop programs to assist athletes in transitioning from Age Group to
7. To advise and consult with the Club Development Division regarding camps,
including open water.
8. To promote inclusion of open water at all levels including LSC competitions, LSC
Championships, and Zone meets.
9. To coordinate programs with the Sports Science/Sports Medicine subcommittee
of the OIOC.

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