Mark Weber (2018), Chair
Van Donkersgoed (2018), Deputy Vice Chair
Ceallach Gibbons (2020)
Natalie Coughlin Hall (2018)
Seth Maslowski (2018)

Janelle Nguyen (2018)
Russell Payne (2018)
Ty Seymour (2018)
Nick Smagula (2018)
Grant Sugaski (2018)
Jack Swanson (2018)
Garrett Weber-Gale (2018)
Anthony Ervin (2018), Ex-officio
Kelley Otto (2018), Ex-officio
Derek Paul (2018), Ex-officio
Aaron Peirsol (2017), Ex-officio
Chip Peterson (2018) Ex-officio
Davis Tarwater (2018), Ex-officio
Stacy Michael-Miller, Staff Liaison
Lindsay Mintenko, Staff Liaison

Mission Statement: To discuss and make recommendations on those issues affecting
athlete members.


Membership: The Athletes Executive Committee shall be comprised of the chairman, vice
chairman, and four directors, the Secretary/Treasurer, and three additional athletes appointed
by the Athletes Vice President.
If a member of the Executive Committee cannot fulfill the requirements of his/her position,
including attendance at the annual meeting, an alternate shall fill the vacancy for the
remainder of their term, pursuant to procedures established by the Athletes Committee.


1. The Athletes Vice President shall appoint representatives to serve one-year terms
on each committee of USA Swimming except the Olympic International Operations,
Finance, and the Counselors’ Committee.
2. The Athletes Vice President shall monitor attendance of athlete representatives to
committee meetings and submit the record of attendance to the Athletes
3. Whenever, under this Code, the Athletes Executive Committee is empowered to
elect or appoint one or more representatives, the Athletes Committee shall establish
written criteria for eligibility for such representation, unless such criteria is otherwise
set forth in the Rules and Regulations.
4. Create and recommend to the Board of Directors a program for Athlete Assistance
and aid in the administration of the program.
5. Communicate with and make recommendations to the House of Delegates, Board
of Directors, standing and local swimming committees, in those matters that affect
athlete members of the corporation.

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