Buddy Pylitt (2018), Chair
Kathy Oates-Dacey (2017), Vice Chair
Anthony Ten Haagen (2017), Back-
    Ground Check Appeal Panel Chair
Julie Bare (2017)
Sharon Beckman (2017)
Joel Black (2018)
Clark Burckle (2017)
Kate Chronic (2018)
Dana Covington (2018)
Van Donkersgoed (2017)
Riley Eaton (2017)
Doug Everett (2017)
Ward Foley (2018)
John Gagliardo (2018)
Breandan Gibbons (2017)
Sam Hansen (2017)
Sarah Huckeby (2017)
Brad Jacobs (2017)
Paris Jacobs (2017)
Paul Jones (2017)
Andrew Jovanovic (2017)
Tom Luchsinger (2017)
Emily McClellan (2017)
Eric Neuburger (2018)
Ann Marie Pate (2017)
Derek Paul (2018)
Russell Payne (2017)
Chip Peterson (2017)
Hannah Saiz (2017)
Amy Schulz (2017)
Ty Seymour (2017)
Nick Smagula (2017)
Paul Sullivan (2017)
Davis Tarwater (2017)
Mark Weber (2017)
Sarah Wegman (2018)
Teri White (2017)
Lucinda McRoberts, Ex-officio
Lucinda McRoberts, Staff Liaison
Susan Woessner, Staff Liaison


Mission Statement: To act as a hearing body to resolve matters, questions and disputes
involving USA Swimming, the Local Swimming Committees, or the membership.


Membership: The National Board of Review shall be comprised of a Chair appointed by the
President and members appointed by the President, the General Counsel, and the chair of
the National Board of Review. The term of the chair shall be two years and there shall be
no consecutive term limit.


The National Board of Review has the authority to:
1. Impose and enforce penalties for any violation of the rules and regulations,
administrative or technical, of the Corporation.
2. Determine the eligibility and right to compete of any athlete.
3. Vacate, modify, sustain, reverse, or stay any decision or order properly submitted
for review, or remand the matter for further action.
4. Investigate any election impropriety or cause for removal of a national committee
member or national officer and take corrective action.
5. Interpret any provision of the rules and regulations of the Corporation with the
exception of the technical rules contained in Part One of the USA Swimming Rules
and Regulations.
6. Review any revocation, suspension, or reinstatement of membership to assure due
7. Issue such interim orders, prohibitory or mandatory in nature, as may be necessary
pending a final decision of the Board of Directors.

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