The Safety Chair is a member of the Board of Directors elected by the House of Delegates in an odd year for a two year term beginning July 1st of the year in which the election takes place.  As long as the member is in good standing, he or she may serve in this capacity for two consecutive terms.  The duties and powers of the Safety Chair are defined by the LSC By-Laws:

The duties and powers of the officers and other Board Members shall be to attend and participate in all meetings of the House of Delegates and the Board of Directors and as follows:

Safety Committee Chair - The Safety Committee Chair shall be responsible for coordinating safety enhancement and training opportunities as needed and for the dissemination of USA Swimming safety education information to all Group Members, athletes, coaches and officials of the LSC.  The Safety Committee shall develop safety education programs and policies for the LSC and make recommendations regarding same, and the implementation thereof, to the Senior Vice-chair, the Administrative Vice-chair and the Board of Directors.  The Safety Committee Chair shall make the reports required pursuant to Section 608.7.

The seven divisions of the LSC shall each be chaired by a Vice-chair, the Senior Athletes Representative, or the Senior Coaches Representative, whose respective powers, duties, juris¬dic¬tion and responsibilities are described in Section 606.7. Under each division Vice-chair there are officers, committees, coordinators and direct responsibilities as follows:

607.1.4 Operations Division - Operations/Development Vice-chair

  Equipment  (Meet)
  National Meet Development
  Program Development
  Site Selection
  Technical Planning

In addition to the duties described in the LSC By-Laws, Section 606.2 and 607.1 (see above), the By-Laws and the LSC Policy & Procedures Manual grant the Safety Chair the authority / obligation to

A. Serve as the chair of the Safety committee
B. Request reports from Club Safety Coordinators
C. Receive Reports of Occurrence
D. Prepare monthly report for the House of Delegates and Board of Directors – see By-Laws Section 608.7.2
F. Disseminate safety information flowing from USA Swimming Headquarters
G. Explore safety education opportunities
H.  Develop a safety education program tailored to the LSC and its members and Territory

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