The board chair appoints the chairs of standing committees at or as soon as possible after the annual meeting and the chairs of ad hoc committees and task forces as the need arises (e.g., to conduct a self-evaluation of the club).

The board chair names the committee members after consultation with each committee chair and the chief executive. The special talents, abilities, and interests of each board member should be considered in making committee appointments; individual in the community who are not board members may often be well deployed as additional committee members, consultants, or advisors.

Permanent or Standing Committees

All committees must be clear about the club's goals and mission and be able to clearly state the role of the committee. It is advisable to limit the number of standing committees. The following list provides some common board committees and their general functions, but clubs need to develop a customized committee structure that addresses their current and future needs.

Executive Committee

Includes board chair, other officers, and often committee chairs.

When authorized by the board, attacks and solves problems between meetings.
Usually meets between board meetings, or by call of the board chair if an issue needs to be decided; decisions are later ratified by the board.

Finance Committees

Oversees expenditures; provides head coach with expenditure power within the budget, recommended by the committee and approved by the board.

Assures internal controls, financial analysis, and independent audit. (Note: Increasingly, to ensure appropriate checks and balances, boards are separating the audit from general financial oversight and using a separate audit committee for the annual audit).  Reviews and makes recommendations for the annual budget.

Board Development or Governance (Nominating) Committee

Understands the club's mission and goals, and ensures that all board members do, as well.
Develops and updates board members' responsibilities and/or job descriptions.
Strives for a diverse and representative board.
Identifies potential board members, maintains information about each candidate, cultivates and recruits new board members.
Observes and evaluates potential leaders within the board.
Conducts board orientation session for new board members.
With the board chair, evaluates individual board member's commitment, support, and participation in governance duties and considers eligibility for re-election.

Resource Development Committee

Plans and participates in ongoing and annual fund raising efforts.
Other Temporary or Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces
Apart from these standing committees, boards may designate other temporary or permanent committees as appropriate. Each committee needs to have clearly defined responsibilities. One of the benefits of such ad-hoc committees is that they are easy to dissolve; bylaws changes are not required. Examples of temporary committees include ahead coach search committee, an club assessment task force, or a special events committee and the following committees:

Planning Committee (Strategic Planning)

Reviews mission statement, prioritizes strategic issues, and updates long-range goals.
Calls for a strategic planning process when needed.

Program Committee

Works closely with staff to develop, monitor, and evaluate programs to ensure consistency with club goals.
Reviews cost and benefits of programs and activities.
Recommends new program areas and proposes programs to be discontinued.

Note: The Program Committee has the potential to micromanage the programs, so the respective roles of board and staff need to be clearly defined. The Program Committee is sometimes rolled into the Planning Committee.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

Develops and implements a public relations strategy to represent the club to the public.
Designates the club's primary media spokesperson, and maintains biographical information about all board members for public relations purposes.

Adapted from Nonprofit Board Committees: How to Make Them Work by Ellen Cochran Hirzy (BoardSource, 1992).


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