A 10-Step Process

Who are we?

Create or affirm an club vision and mission.

Where are we now?

Analyze the current plan (if one exists) and the program, financial, and administrative performance of the club.

Assess and document the community needs to which the club is responding.

Assess constraints, opportunities, resources, and the environment -factors that will affect the club and influence planning.

Where do we want to go?

Prepare preliminary goals and objectives, based on the information gathered and assessed in steps 1-4. If necessary, revisit and reaffirm the vision and mission in light of new information.

Review and validate the goals and objectives.

How will we get there?

Develop a financial plan and budget to support the validated goals and objectives.

Develop an action plan for each objective.

Prepare comprehensive plan for review, approval, and implementation.

How are we doing?

Evaluate progress and update the plan on a regular basis.

From "The User's Guide" for Blueprint for Success: A Guide to Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Board Members (BoardSource Video) by Kay Sprinkel Beaumont (BoardSource 1997). Taken from the "Club Leadership Development Notebook" a publication from BoardSource created specifically for USA Swimming. For more information about BoardSource write to 1828 L Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036-5114. Telephone (202) 452-6262. Fax: (202) 452-6299, email: mail@boardsource.org, website: http://www.boardsource.org/. Copyright 2000. Used with permission.

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