Description and Purpose:
From June 5-9, 2012, USA Swimming will sponsor The National Open Water Select Camp in Fort Myers, FL. USA Swimming seeks to identify the best distance swimmers, offering them a unique motivational and educational experience. The National Open Water Camp is viewed as an integral step for athletes to move from the pool to Open Water, then to the international scene.



8 male and 8 female athletes will be selected off of the top 2011 times in the Swims database in the 1500 meter freestyle. An additional 4 male and 4 female athletes will be selected off of the results of the 2011 5K National Open Water Championships.


Other criteria:

  • Only Long Course times will be considered.
  • Times must be achieved between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.
  • Athlete must be registered with USA Swimming.
  • All athletes must be US citizens.
  • Athletes who have previously attended a National Open Water Select Camp or have been a member of any USA Swimming National Open Water Team are not eligible for Camp. Athletes can attend one National Open Water Select Camp. An athlete who turns down the opportunity would be eligible the following year if he/she still meets the time criteria. An athlete who accepts the invitation and does not attend is not eligible the following year unless an alternate was able to attend in his/her place.

Home Coaches:
The coach of a selected athlete is invited and strongly encouraged to attend the National Open Water Select Camp in Long Beach, CA. An educational track, conducted by the Open Water National Team and staff, has been developed for the home coaches. This focuses on strategies to develop both your elite level athlete and the other athletes in your program.


The camp location will be at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL.


The preferred date for the camps is in conjunction with the Open Water Nationals. However, since the Open Water Nationals is in April this year as opposed to the typical June timeframe, the 2012 camp dates are June 5-9th and will be held separate of the National Championships. This year's camp will focus on the usual skills & strategies, but will have an additional training component. Athletes will learn strategies, OW technique, nutrition and recovery for open water, and much, much more from elite Open Water coaches.

2011-2012 Open Water National Team
Andrew Gemmell, Delaware Swim Team, 09 camp
Alex Meyer, Crimson Aquatics, 09 camp
Sean Ryan, Scenic City Aquatic Club/Univ or Michigan, 09 Camp
Mark Warkentin, Santa Barbar Aquatic Club, 09 NOWS Camp Elite Athlete Rep
Ryan Feeley, University of Michican, 11 camp
Arthur Frayler, Germantown Academy

Emily Brunemann, Club Wolverine, 09 camp
Eva Fabian, Greenwood Memorial Swim Club, 08 camp
Ashley Twichell, Duke/Mission Viejo Natadores, 11 camp
Christine Jennings, Minnesota Aquatics
Haley Anderson, USC/Sierra Marlins Swim Team, 10 camp
Claire Thompson, University of Florida, 10 camp


All athlete expenses at the camps will be covered by USA Swimming. Home coaches will be reimbursed up to $200.00 for travel to the camp. Once on site all housing, meals and ground transportation will be covered by USA Swimming. Expenses between June 5th and check-out at noon on June 9th are covered. If athletes would like to stay longer than the outlined dates expenses must be out of pocket.


USA Swimming will select a the staff for each camp. At least one male and one female assistant must be on the staff. In addition, one National Open Water Team athlete will attend the camp and at least one member of the USA Swimming National Headquarters staff will attend to assist with educational sessions.


This year’s 2012 National Open Water Select Camp Staff is as follows:
Rick Walker Athlete/Home Coach Training & Education
Denny Ryther Athlete/Home Coach Training & Education
Stephanie Crofton Athlete/Home Coach Training & Education
John Payne Head Manager
Jeff Rout Men's Manager
Kacey McCaffrey Women's Manager
Mariejo Truex USA Swimming Camp Director
Alicia Kendig USOC Sports Dietician
Chip Peterson Elite Athlete Reps

Camp Schedule:
The 2012 Camp will include long course workouts, salt water workouts and fresh water workouts in addition to educational sessions. The athletes will also be entered into a local 5k event as part of the camp. They will represent their home teams. Athletes are required to stay the entire time and must stay onsite in the accommodations provided by the host. Tentative itinerary coming soon.

Gear and Materials:
USA Swimming will provide each athlete and staff member with appropriate gear, equipment and educational materials.


Selection of athletes typically begins after January 1. Personal coaches will be notified and have "right of refusal" for their athletes. In the case of a refusal, either by a coach or athlete, the next eligible athlete will be invited until all slots are filled in each camp.

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