Following is a list of questions for you to consider as you move toward establishing a new swim team and organization. This list is meant to be thought provoking and to foster discussion. It is not meant to be a score sheet or survey. Think about and discuss each question with your supporters or founders. If you frequently answer “NO” or “NOT SURE,” you may need to do further research or self-evaluation. Positive answers to these questions may be a good indicator of the potential success of your team.

  1. Will this new club satisfy an unfilled need in your community?
  2. Is demand for swimming greater than the supply in this area? 
  3. Are there sufficient interest, population, and talent in this community to support a new swim team? 
  4. Will increased competition be good for swimming in this area? 
  5. Will our competitors positively receive a new club?
  6. Do I/we know who our members will be?
  7. Will a new program generate new participants in swimming?
  8. Do I/we have a reservoir of community or support group loyalty?
  9. Do I/we have a good, stable facility to use on a consistent basis?
  10. Do I/we have a past track record or image of success?
  11. Can I/we deliver better service than my/our competitors?
  12. Do I/we have the level of technical skills needed?
  13. Do I/we have the necessary organizational skills and experience?
  14. Do I/we have the necessary communication skills and means?
  15. Have I/we determined the organizational structure of the new program?
  16. Have I/we developed a sound business plan and 1st-year budget?
  17. Will I/we have a sufficient volunteer base?
  18. Do I/we have the ability to raise funds?
  19. Do I/we have a support network of legal and financial advisors?
  20. Can we be competitive based on quality, price and location?
  21. Do I/we have a long-term plan and vision for this club?
  22. Have I/we established the purpose, values, & philosophy of the new club?
  23. Are my/our motives purely positive and constructive?

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