Creating a business plan for Total Aquatic Programming is a real challenge. Keep in mind that success will be measured by two criteria:

  • The comparison between forecasted budget and the actual bottom line
  • The level of customer satisfaction

The Total Aquatic Programming business plan has to make both financial sense and practical sense. If it cannot be implemented it is worthless. Some plans are very impressive at presentation but lack the practicality to ever be carried out. Style can never overshadow substance.

Write a plan for a programming model that is both easy to understand and easy to read. If the model is too detailed it could limit future flexibility to grow or change. Present basic categories with their accompanying budget predictions and then stop without going into further detail.  Be prepared to answer questions asking for more details but don’t invite them. (Hint: Use a spreadsheet program such as Excel so that when you change a figure the totals are automatically adjusted.)


Unfortunately, all too often investors and management buy into a concept, but the plan is derailed by a Board of Directors or interest group that just doesn’t understand. You have to be able to explain. Use Goals, Objectives and Tactics to help in your explanation.  A goal is an attainable dream of the desired result. An objective can be quantitatively and qualitatively tracked and measured with success plateaus that can be reached and proven for different stages. A tactic is how it will be done and who is going to do it with a timeline and evaluation process.


Business Plans are an art form and you may need professional assistance to develop yours. Here is a link to more information on developing a business plan.

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