The initial stages of a potential project are really about qualified and experienced free thinking. The end project will benefit if this is done effectively. This is the business and focus of the Facilities Development Department at USA Swimming. We have extensive, up-to-the-minute information to help with your initial thinking about your project.


We have frequent conversations with architects, engineers, developers, designers/planners, and project leaders, that inevitably end up with discussion about fee based services. The normal reaction is that services can’t possibly cost that much or take so long to deliver.


Our first reaction is “be glad they don’t charge by the hour like many other professionals.” The services we are referring to are usually lumped into a category labeled “Soft Cost”. Soft Cost explains why any project has to have initial seed money.  Without seed money a project is essentially a day dream. What is the value of “creative thought” especially when it can greatly affect the bottom line of the end result? Experience tells us that an effective thought process, when kept on the right track, can save 15% on a project.   

It takes more than one person to evaluate the thought process. Some are short and to the point, some are long and intricate, some are impractical, some are sheer genius. Some may save $100 while others can save $100,000. Unfortunately, there is no set formula. The basic fact is that the right people have to be involved for the right amount of time.  We can never really predict the outcome of good thoughts, but we can pretty well forecast the results of faulty ones. 


So how much should this assistance cost? The value is not based on the time it consumes but rather on the results it yields. In order to be successful, consider the following:


1.     Funds to pay the necessary fees for professional assistance
2.    A team of competent people to yield effective options
3.    Enough time for the process to run its course


Contact Sue Nelson for further information. 

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