Lori Briggs Exercise 24: Swiss Ball Supine Lat Pull and Deltoid Raise

Benefits: This exercise focuses on training the contralateral muscles, which involves training the lats on the posterior side of one shoulder while training the anterior deltoid on the opposite shoulder. The anterior deltoid, the primary muscle engaged throughout this exercise, is the key player in the recovery process of the butterfly, breast, and especially the backstroke.


Execution: With a dumbbell in each hand, sit on a Swiss Ball and roll out so you are in a bridge position. One arm should be in extension – the upper arm is in line with the ear, and the other arm is in a neutral position by the hip. Use a neutral grip on the dumbbell. Activate the glutes and core to provide stabilization during the movements. Begin by flexing the extended arm; at the same time extend the opposite side. Both arms begin the movement in unison.


Advanced Version: By changing the hand position from a neutral grip to palms facing the ceiling, you place a greater challenge on the lats.

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