Lori Briggs Exercise 25: Swiss Ball Walk Around

Benefits:  This is a great exercise for shoulder stabilization and core stability.  The purpose is to load each shoulder independently while maintaining a strong core and contracting the postural muscles that keep the hips up strong and body aligned.  Because of the difficulty of this exercise, young swimmers may not have the strength and coordination to control the movement and should not perform it. 
Execution:  Standing behind the ball crouch down and place your abdominals on top of the ball.  Roll forward until your hands reach the floor in front of the ball.  Walk your hands out until your hips are off the ball.  Continue to walk your hands out away from the ball until only your feet remain on the ball.  At this point, focus on maintaining a strong core and contracting the postural muscles to keep the hips up strong and the body in alignment.  Prevent the hips from sagging, and avoid any hip or torso rotation.  Maintaining a long lever (feet on the ball with body in a push-up position), walk your hands laterally to rotate your body around the ball in a clockwise direction.  Pick up your right hand and move it away from your midline, supporting your body weight with your left arm until you replant the right hand.  Next, pick up your left hand and move it in closer to the right hand.  Alternate these steps so your hands complete a cycle around the ball.  Maintain a strong body alignment as you move your hands.  Movement is finished once you complete a 360-degree circle.  Next, complete this pattern in a counterclockwise direction.

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