USA Swimming Clubs & Living Social Opp

USA Swimming launched the Swim Today promotional campaign in May with the goal of helping our clubs grow during the Olympic year. Today we are pleased to share with you another opportunity to capitalize on the momentum of the Olympic Games and your affiliation with USA Swimming.

USA Swimming has partnered with LivingSocial to promote the campaign and drive prospective members and students to your programs. Through its marketing and distribution platform LivingSocial reaches more than 60 million people throughout the US and around the globe.

Here’s how it works: Watch a webinar here!

LivingSocial sends geographically-customized offers to its members via email. LivingSocial markets and distributes these offers at a discount, and LivingSocial’s members purchase the promotions . Once a member purchases an offer, LivingSocial distributes a voucher that can be redeemed. Purchasers print out their vouchers or present a digital copy at the local retailer who is offering the experience.

Our partnership:

We have the opportunity to work with LivingSocial to provide a swimming offer during the Olympic Games. Should you choose to work with LivingSocial, you should submit your business information to , LivingSocial will review your information to ensure your club will get the most out of an offer. Once approved, LivingSocial will email the offer (for example, “50% off your first month of club dues or first session of swimming lessons”) to its members in your area enticing new members and students to your club.

LivingSocial members in your area will have the opportunity to purchase the offer and then redeem the voucher LivingSocial distributes on your behalf. In exchange for providing its marketing and distribution services, LivingSocial will take a percentage of the fee, and your club will receive the remaining dollars.

--It’s important to note that given the discount, this is a promotional opportunity – a chance to get your name out to high-value consumers in your area and recruit new members. It should be seen as both a marketing effort and an opportunity to generate incremental revenue for your swim club.

Promotions associated with this campaign will run on LivingSocial’s platform during late July/early August to draw upon the buzz from the Olympic swim events

Participation in this program is optional, but we encourage you to consider this opportunity if you’re looking to market to new members and you have space to accommodate them this fall or next spring. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, please email your business information to

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