October 2012

Meet Your America’s Swim Team teammates!

Did you know that as a member of USA Swimming, you are on the same team as 300,000 other swimmers across the country? Yep, your team includes heroes like Ryan Lochte and Natalie Coughlin, as well as all the kids on this page. Whether you swim in Eureka or Topeka, you are a member of America’s Swim Team! 


western ZoneLukas Peng (medium)

Name: Lukas Peng
Age: 9
Team: DeAnza Cupertino Aquatics
Role Model: Michael Phelps
Favorite Strokes: Fly and Free
Favorite Events: 100 IM and 100 Free
Favorite swimmers: Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte
Future goal: Break the world record for the 100 Free
Hobbies: Sports, and playing video games
Famous person I’d like to meet: Lionel Messi
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
Favorite Movie: Brave
When I grow up I want to be: An athlete
If I could change something I would be: No more bullying 


central ZoneMary Motch

Name: Mary Motch
Age: 15
Team: Solon Stars Swim Club
Role Models: My parents and my coaches
Favorite Stroke: Fly, Back, and Free. so pretty much everything but breaststroke ;)
Favorite Event: 100 Fly, 50 Free, 100 Back, 100 Free
Favorite Swimmers: Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte, Micheal Phelps, and Missy Franklin
Future Goal: To make it to the Olympics and medal!
Hobbies: Just swimming pretty much :)
Famous Person I Would Like To Meet: Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte, Micheal Phelps, Missy Franklin, and 1D
Favorite Book: Hunger Games
Favorite Movie: I would have to say Finding Nemo
When I Grow Up I Want To Be: An Olympian and a Marine Biologist
If I Could Change One Thing It Would Be: World Peace! and that everyone could be happy and healthy!


eastern ZoneJarrett Driever (medium)

Name: Jarrett Driever
Age: 9
Team: Cougar Aquatic Team
Role Models: Gary Hall, a fellow diabetic, and Coaches Erin, Cienne & Katie
Favorite Stroke: Butterfly
Favorite Events: 100 IM & 100 back
Favorite Swimmer: Gary Hall
Future Goal: the Olympics, of course, but also to encourage others to become fit and be healthy by swimming
Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, Soccer
Famous Person You'd Like To Meet: Gary Hall
Favorite Book: Percy Jackson series
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
When I Grow Up I Want to: Work with children and animals
If I Could Change One Thing It Would Be: to cure diabetes


Southern ZoneAnabeth Scalaise

Name: Annabeth Scalise
Age: 10 ½
Team: SwimMAC Carolina and Hunter Oaks Water Jets
Role Models: All Olympians, mom, dad and my teachers
Favorite stroke: Freestyle
Favorite events: 50 and 100 Free
Favorite swimmers: Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps
Future goal: To get into the Olympics and get more medals than Michael Phelps
Hobbies: Swimming, playing with my friends and my dog named Pippa
Famous people you’d like to meet: All of the Olympic swimmers
Favorite book: The Lost Children
Favorite movie: Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies
When I grow up I want to be: The owner of an ice cream and candy shop
If I could change one thing it would be: No one would be homeless 

Want to see your profile in Splash Magazine or on usaswimming.org? Answer all of the questions above and send your answers and a photo to splash@usaswimming.org. To see more of your America's Swim Team teammates, visit our Athlete Focus archive.

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