Supplement contains "meth-like" compound


According to a report by USA Today, a popular and controversial sports supplement contains a "meth-like" compound. Read more about it on USAToday.com.


Also, Check out USADA’s Supplement 411 website for more information about the supplement industry: www.supplement411.org.  


While many mainstream dietary supplements are made by responsible manufacturers, a growing number of supplement products contain dangerous and undisclosed ingredients, including steroids, stimulants, and prescription medications, as well as trace amounts of other dangerous contaminants. With no pre-market product approval or product registration, immense profit margins for the industry, and low consequence for misconduct, the dietary supplement market has become a hotbed for unscrupulous players. As a result, a growing number of Americans are becoming regular users of steroids and other dangerous drugs, while mistakenly believing that they are taking safe and legal products. Our kids are especially vulnerable. Supplement 411 aims to provide information, resources, and tips for navigating the issues and minimizing risks. (Reprinted with permission from USADA)