Deck Pass Perks of Swimming: Marriott $1,000 Gift Card


Let’s get straight to it: 11-year-old Emma from Excel Aquatics is a Golden Patch winner! She won the Marriott prize pack, which included a $1,000 gift card!

Here’s her story…

Emma just started swimming this past June. Before jumping in the pool, she tried gymnastics, dance and soccer, but they didn’t really leave much of an impression.

“Emma got into the pool on Memorial Day and never looked back,” said Emma’s mom, Beth. “She loves the excitement of swim meets and being with her friends between heats.”

Encouragement from her best friend, Olivia, helped Emma push herself each day. She learned proper strokes and participated in every summer meet that was available. Continued success each week helped her stay positive and focused and by the end of the summer Emma wanted to swim on a club team.

Emma now swims at Excel Aquatics in Brentwood, Tenn. Although a novice to the sport, she has a passion for the water and to get better. Like all her club friends, she uses Deck Pass – USA Swimming’s official mobile application – to push herself and connect with her friends.

“She loves getting new patches when she gets a best time or when she swims in a new event,” said Beth. “I love it as a parent, because it’s extremely useful at meets. We can check her progress in real time and it encourages Emma to set goals and work hard to achieve them.”

It seems to be working.

“Emma’s skills aren’t being judged, but are reflected in concrete time that she can work harder to beat. The growth in independence, purpose and responsibility Emma has shown since starting swimming in June has been phenomenal!”

That’s one proud mom. How can you not love swimming?

Check out the photos below of Emma opening one of the Golden Patch grand prizes from Marriott! 

Deck Pass Marriott Golden Patch Winner    Deck Pass Marriott Golden Patch Winner

As Emma’s mom put it, “She’s the happiest girl in North America!”

It shows.