USASwimming.org to sport new look starting today


As you can see, our homepage has a new look.  


After conducting an extensive usability study on our site this past winter, we have decided that while our current home page has a nice enough design, too much premium space is lost to the large, rotating images currently running at the top of the page. We want to create a more practical design that focuses on organizational news and articles, and emphasize the most highly-visited sections of our site.


Infront Webworks of Colorado Springs conducted our usability study, running a 25-point usability checklist, exploratory test and heat map analysis of our site. 


Overall, our site performed well, passing 80 percent of the items on the usability checklist. The exploratory test, which evaluated how random users navigated our site, proved to us that our navigation and site architecture works well. The heat map analysis gave us a better idea where our users are clicking and scrolling.


While the overall evaluation of the site was positive, there was room for improvement. Based on the results of our usability study, here’s what you can expect when you log in at noon on Monday:

  • The navigation and site architecture will remain as-is. The navigation bar at the top of the page will remain unchanged. Every section, every page will also remain in the exact same place you’ve always found it.
  • The large, rotating images at the top of the page will be gone. In their place, our top organizational news and featured articles will move to a prominent position at the top of the page.
  • We will have quick links to the most highly-visited sections of the site. Each of the sections that comprise the top 85 percent of our daily traffic will be one click away from the home page.
  • We will add an events calendar to help you keep track of important events, dates and deadlines.

We are set to flip the switch Monday at noon, Mountain Time. In the meantime, a sneak peek of the new site can be found in the screenshots below.


Jim Rusnak
Director of Media Properties
USA Swimming



Top News and Navigation Bar

Front Page Redesign Snippet 1The organization's top news and features will be featured more prominently, and other than some spiffy new graphics, the navigation bar will remain the same.


Quick Links

Front Page Redesign Snippet 2

Quick links will take you to some of the most popular pages on the site.


Log in and search

Front Page Redesign Snippet 5

The log-in menus and search field are more clearly defined.


Swimming News and Event Calendar

Front Page Redesign Snippet 3

The latest news and upcoming events right at your fingertips.


In-House Promotions

Front Page Redesign Snippet 4

Follow the latest programs at USA Swimming.