GoSwim Video of the Week: Turns - Kick Flips


Here's a very quick drill that works on many small aspects of your swimming.

Why do it:
This is a good intense drill that encourages quick flips. When looking further at the drill, to do it well will require many details be mastered.


How to do it:
1 - Start by kicking flutter kick directly into the wall. The head can be up or down.
2 - When the coach directs, PUSH off the wall with your hands and glide back until your face is over the first marker (we used dive weights).
3 - When you get to the marker, start to aggressively swim back into the turn.
4 - Flip and sprint to the second marker. Flip and sprint back to the finish.
5 - Add a swimmer and have them race.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Let's quickly look at the various aspects coaches and swimmers can work on:
- The aggressive flutter kick.
- A balanced body to move backward.
- A solid immediate connection to move forward from a stop.
- A quick flip turn.
- Streamline push (we're going short rather than focusing on long underwaters).
- Another quick flip.
- The solid immediate connection to move forward from a stop.
- A no breath extended finish.
Have the swimmers focus on one piece, or just have them continue to go as fast as they can.

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