Swimmers' Resolutions for 2013


By Mike Watkins//Correspondent

Each January, many of us make New Year’s resolutions but few of us keep them, and by spring, most are broken or dropped.


Still, with great excitement and expectations, we make them, and swimmers and coaches are no exception.
Here are a few of their goals and resolutions for 2013 – in and out of the water.


Olivia Smoglia
“I actually plan on eating a little bit healthier for my New Year’s resolution....maybe cut down on the sweets.”


Tanica Jamison
“I guess I still have the athlete mentality. I feel that if need be, if one of my athletes decides to challenge me with a task I should be able to do so. So I try to keep up on their strength level with the agility I am slowly losing but in my mind I still think I'm in my 20s and can compete with anyone. So I guess I just want to be a better me inside and out. Be more vocal, sillier, more competitive. I want to think outside the box more and challenge my athletes to do the same. Who knows what we will find but I think the process will be fun and exciting.”


Tom Shields
“My first resolution ever – I am going a whole year without any dairy at all whatsoever!!! I'm really close to dairy free as it is, so not as tough as it was to eradicate most things like milk/cheese/butter, but I did that years ago. Now I am just cutting out the occasional cheese on a burger, milk chocolate, ice cream and such.”


Ashley Steenvoorden
“My New Year’s resolution is trying to eat better by actually cooking meals that are quick or that I can make and freeze for later in the week. I've resorted to quick sometimes frozen meals lately and by cooking healthier meals, it'll help fuel my body for practices.”


Nathan Adrian
“I don't necessarily like to make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t really feel like I need New Year’s as an excuse to make any sort of change in my life, and I should be able to make any change I want to at any time.”


Chip Peterson
“As far as resolutions, I've never been much of a New Year means new habits type. I think that change happens gradually and to force it all overnight tends not to work. However, currently, I am trying to gradually increase my stamina and fitness by increasing yardage and intensity in workout.”


Katie Ledecky
“Each week, I am going to write down one specific thing I am going to work on in practice. I will stick it to my alarm clock as a reminder whenever I wake up for morning practice or whenever I look at my clock. There are numerous ways to improve in swimming. Whether it is a technical aspect of a stroke or a reminder of a goal, I will have something new to focus on each week.”


Maritza Correia McClendon
I am making some New Year’s resolutions. I want to read more educational/knowledgeable/inspirational books this year. My boss, Christopher Montella, gave me my first read: Mandela's Way. Fifteen lessons on life, love and courage by Richard Stengel. I also want to always plan a family vacation at least once a year. Those are the top two on my list and most important.”


Mary DeScenza Moehler
“My New Year’s resolution is to get on a better house cleaning schedule and to not get as frustrated with myself for skipping 5 a.m. practice when the baby has a bad night. Also, get into better running shape.”


Mel Stewart
“New Year's resolution: start each day by doing one thing, one service for someone else, no matter how small. Swim more, at least 4-5 times per week...and eat more greens.”


Mark Dylla
“Try many new things outside the pool.”


Catherine Breed
“My resolutions are to do a better job staying in contact with friends and family; treat my body like a temple, put good in and get good out; finish homework before going on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.; allow myself to be happy; and swimming is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it!”


Kicker Vencill
“Although I haven't narrowed it down to just one, I would like to take the time to learn something new, preferably hands on, in 2013. I need to take a look at the community college course listings.”


Alyssa Vavra
“I went through a ton of changes (last year), but I think my resolution would be transferring my passion from swimming into forming the same passion in my future career or endeavors, and if swimming decides to resurface, then choose to do whatever makes me happy and a better person.”