President's Message: February 14, 2014


Photo of Bruce Stratton. (Medium)The “President’s Message” is a continuing effort on my part to keep the members of USA Swimming informed about current happenings in our sport and our organization. Please feel free to share this message with others.

I usually try to send my messages in conjunction with one of our Board of Directors meetings, but I have a message and a request that I believe deserves immediate attention.  

As I reported to you in my most recent President’s Message, we have received and released the independent review of our Safe Sport Program by Victor Vieth, the executive director of the Gunderson National Child Protection Training Center.  We are now creating an open comment period for the members of USA Swimming to provide feedback on the report.

The report is very comprehensive and provides us with an opportunity to make even more improvements to what I believe is an existing excellent Safe Sport program. Concurrent with the release of the Report, I appointed a task force to create a road map of implementation, including but not limited to identifying priorities, identifying financial and other resources required for implementation, and recommending a timetable for implementation. The task force can be even more effective with your voice being heard in the process.

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program is one of our highest priorities and as with everything we do in USA Swimming, we want our program to be the very best and serve as a model for other youth serving organizations.  Our task force is filled with people who have a passion for our Safe Sport Program and for the implementation of the report’s recommendations.  We believe it is critical we have the input of our membership as part of developing a plan to implement the recommendations set forth in the report.

On behalf of the task force, I would like to invite you to provide any comments you might have concerning any aspect of the report.  Because the task force needs to complete its work in sufficient time so it can make a formal report to our Board of Directors at its next meeting on May 3, it will be imperative we receive your comments as soon as possible.  Accordingly, we must receive any input you might have by the end of the day, March 2.


For your reference, you can access a copy of the executive summary and the full report by clicking here.  Please send your comments to safesport@usaswimming.org.

It is important to me, as your president, to provide open and transparent communication to all our members.  I am always available and you should never hesitate to call or email me.  If you have any topics or questions you would like covered in a future edition, please email me at president@usaswimming.org.  

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Bruce Stratton

USA Swimming President