USA Swimming Safe Sport Impact Award


The purpose of the Safe Sport Impact Award is to recognize significant contributions by an individual or group who has contributed to the fulfillment of the Safe Sport Committee mission: to safeguard all members of USA Swimming from sexual, psychological, emotional and physical abuse.

The award will be presented annually at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention.


Nomination form can be found here


Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals or groups who, through their efforts, have made a significant contribution to provide a safe, healthy and fun sport environment for members of USA Swimming. Also, any individual, who as a survivor of abuse, has advanced the education and safety of USA Swimming members;
  • In order to be nominated one does not have to be a member of USA Swimming;
  • The contribution for which a nomination is made may have occurred at the Club, LSC or National level;
  • An individual or group may be nominated for the award more than once;
  • Nominations will be kept on file and remain eligible for two years.
Nomination/Selection Process:
  • A nomination may be submitted by any member, club or LSC of USA Swimming;
  • Nomination deadline is June 1;
  • The USA Swimming Safe Sport Committee will select the Impact Award recipient;
  • The award will be presented at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention.
  • Nominations, including name and contributions, shall be submitted to:
Susan Woessner
Director of Safe Sport
USA Swimming
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO



Liz Hoendervoogt
Safe Sport Coordinator
USA Swimming
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO  80909