Volunteers Share Their Funniest Stories


Throughout March, #1VolunTeam wants to show you how awesome our hard-working volunteers are! Here are some of the responses we received from swimming volunteers across the nation on what they considered to be some of their funniest stories from their time as a USA Swimming volunteer. 



"True Story -  at a Master’s Meet watching a dispute between owners of emotional support dogs and service dogs who were wearing goggles on deck.You couldn’t make it up. – David Merkin, 2014 NCAP Volunteer of Year


Watching two new dads fall into the pool helping with the timing pads – thank goodness they were dressed in shorts and t-shirts!"Anonymous

"I was working as a time judge at my first U.S.A. Swimming Junior Championship on a narrow bulkhead. I had stood up to observe the swimmer in my lane turn and then sat down with too much of my weight to the back of the seat. The chair collapsed and I tumbled backwards into the pool. Know there was no way to recover I help my papers above my head and stayed on the surface. My chair went to the bottom of the pool some 10-feet down. I used a surface recovery dive technique to retrieve the chair and placed it on the bulkhead when it had been. I then swim to the side and was helped out of the pool. I was met by the Chief Judge in that corner and told I had 15-minutes to change and be back on deck which I was able to accomplish only because my hotel was across the street." Al Betts

"I was walking stroke for Age Group champs last summer. It was one of the last events and our home team coaches were quite “slap happy” with the weekends sleeplessness. Knowing that the deck was crowded, I was told later that a “bounty” was put on my head for any coach from any team that could knock me into the water during my duties. I laughed out loud and said, “that is when you know you’ve really made it and how much I am loved by my swim family.”Dana Polonsky

"As an S&T official, was watching girls swim 100 breast. All of a sudden I noticed the swimmer in lane 8 was bare-backed; I though her suit had broken and here she was coming up to the flip-turn. I imagined myself being her father watching this from the stands. In preparation for when she hit the wall I began to take off my shirt to cover her only to realize the meet ref had added a BOY who had missed his heat. Another official came up to me and told me tongue-in-cheek, “Deck changing isn’t allowed.”Mr. Strazzas

"The time I DQ’d my 6 year-old daughter and she told me I was evil."John Reichle


"Between sessions I was standing behind my son on deck as he ate a PBJ – one of his friends noticed me and said  “Whoah! You have an Official Mother” We joke about that all the time now….I am not some average run of mill mother but an “Official Mother” Clarice Wasmuth

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