USA Swimming Nominated for an Event Technology Award


USA Swimming’s work with FISH Technologies has been named as a finalist for a 2012 Event Technology Award in the “Best Use of a Single Technology” category.

USA Swimming worked with FISH to increase fan engagement at the Aqua Zone, USA Swimming’s fan experience area which ran in conjunction with the 2012 U.S. Olympic Swim Trials in Omaha, Neb. The companies worked together to deploy an integrated RFID and social media platform that allowed swim fans to share their experiences at the Aqua Zone with their social media network. Whether taking “Cheer with Visa” photos on the blue carpet or challenging your friends on the Mutual of Omaha Swimulator, fans were able to actively engage with the USA Swimming brand, its sponsors and partners.

The RFID technology was implemented through a Visa Aqua Badge. From there, kiosks were placed throughout the 100,000 square foot venue where guests could tap their digitally-enhanced credential to engage in “enter to win” contests, social media “Likes” and “Check-Ins”, as well as collect digital rewards. Photo experiences included green screens, photo booths, and brand ambassador tablets with instant posting to Facebook. The platform helped USA Swimming enhance its level of engagement with its fans, build stronger brand relationships and provide a strong platform for its sponsors and partners to connect with the swimming community at the biggest swimming event of the year.

The awards show will be held November 13 in New York and will name three winners in each category—a top ETA winner, a gold winner and a silver winner. USA Swimming’s award category includes two other nominees - Facebook’s “Connections for Facebook” with Obscura Digital and Intel’s “Connect to Life” with Foghorn Creative, Stimulant, Worldstage.