Plans for the Fourth of July?


A fireworks scene from the 2008 Trials in Omaha.Everybody enjoys the Fourth of July for some reason. Some like it because it’s a day off work and a time to relax. Others love it as a time to celebrate our country’s independence, have lots of picnic food and gather with friends and families. 


And if you can make it through the series of loud bangs and explosions before and after the actual holiday, there are always great fireworks to light up the sky. 


Whatever your plans might be, here are some examples of what swimmers and coaches are most looking forward to this Fourth of July.


Mel Stewart 
“THE PLAN: Eight solid hours of sleep the night before. Swim practice in the morning. Light breakfast sans meat…as the ATX BBQ marathon will start at noon and roll through midnight. I'm looking forward to BBQ and family time with my girls, but I will be regretting the BBQ as the day wears on. Saturday and Sunday, I'm eating nothing but kale and Kombucha.”


Erika Erndl
This Fourth, I'm looking forward to spending the day with my family. The older I get, being with my family becomes more and more important. Hopefully, I'll spend the day around the water, either boating or on the beach. Typically, we watch fireworks at night from the beach to celebrate our independence that paved the way for what the USA is today.”


Ryan Murphy 
“I'm looking forward to only having one swim practice that day! I will enjoy hanging out and relaxing with some friends.”


Rex Tullius 
“I will be at a swim meet in Barbados!”


Katy Freeman
“This Fourth of July, I'm looking forward to spending the day out in the sun playing in the pool and barbecuing with my family. We will finish off the day by taking my little niece and nephew to watch fireworks from the football field at the local high school.”


Adam Small
“I'm looking forward to making my slow-roasted baby back ribs and being poolside with my family!”


Mary DeScenza Mohler 
“I'm most looking forward to spending time with family, dressing up my girls in red, white, and blue, and celebrating America's independence this Fourth of July.”


Todd Schmitz
“After repressing the USA at numerous international competitions around the world, including the 2012 Olympics, July 4th means a little more to me now! A great day to celebrate the best country in the world!”


Rachel Bootsma
“I'm looking forward to spending the day with my friends. I normally spend the 4th of July with my family, but this year I couldn't make it home in time for the 4th, so I am pretty excited to spend the holiday with my second family – my teammates.”


Jimmy Feigen 
I can't wait to grill outside with my buddy's and watch fireworks! Woo!”


Allysa Vavra 
“Every year I go to the Jersey shore with my family, so that's I'm most looking forward to and just hoping the weather cooperates.”


Amy Modglin 
“I think I'm most looking forward to heading down to Fort Myers Beach and spending time with my whole family! This is the first time we've all been together on the Fourth for the past four years.”


Gil Stoval 
“Firecracker 400s!”


Mark Dylla 
“Seeing two teammates and friends get married in Mexico!”


Gary Hall Jr. 
“Spending the day with my kids visiting their grandparents. I intend to revisit long-lost friends – beer and hot dogs. Together, we're going to cheer on Germany and Brazil in the World Cup.”


Eva Fabian 
“I'm looking forward to going for a lake swim and spending some time with my family!”


Garrett Weber-Gale
“Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands.”