Club Excellence Spotlight: NOVA of Virginia


2014 Club Excellence Silver Medal (Small)Emily Sampl//Correspondent

For the second consecutive year, NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc. in Richmond, Va. finds itself ranked among the top clubs in USA Swimming, with a 25th-place finish in the 2014 Club Excellence program rankings. 


With a rich history of producing Olympic Trials, national, and junior national qualifiers, NOVA of Virginia has established itself as one of the top clubs in Virginia in just 27 years of existence. 

Nearly 900 swimmers call NOVA home under the direction of head coach Geoff Brown and his staff of more than a dozen assistant coaches. Brown has been with the club since the beginning and credits the team’s teaching and learning environment and excellent leadership with building the team to what it is today.

Brown discusses those and other influences on the team’s success in today’s Club Excellence spotlight. 

1. Openness to organizational change and restructuring. We’ve tried to make our club meet the needs of our customers and provide the best training groups to meet the needs of our swimmers. 

2. Openness to innovations in training. We’re willing to conduct experiments with our training and we’re open to trying new things and giving the kids new experiences. 

3. There’s a great connection between our lessons and our competitive program. What we learn from the lessons, we bring to the competitive program, and what we learn from the team we bring to the lessons. It works both ways. 

4. We work to establish a productive teaching and learning environment, using principles that are fundamental to our program. The sport of swimming is really a series of learning skills, and we have to put the kids in a position where they’re able to learn those skills successfully. 

5. We have a broad base of leadership throughout our program and we understand how to lead the team successfully.