Club Excellence Spotlight: Irvine Novaquatics


By Emily Sampl//Correspondent 

With an already rich tradition that includes producing Olympians Amanda Beard, Haley Peirsol, Aaron Peirsol,2014 Club Excellence Silver Medal (Small) Kristen Caverly and Jason Lezak, Irvine Novaquatics in Irvine, Calif. has added yet another honor to its growing list of accomplishments by achieving silver medal status in the 2014 Club Excellence recognition program. 


Irvine currently boasts around 750 swimmers, training at four different sites including the Woollett Aquatic Center, Northwood High School, Los Cab Sports Club and Soka University. With a consistent and experienced coaching staff, every swimmer is given the opportunity to meet and exceed their goals, allowing the team to achieve its goal of being recognized in the Club Excellence program, associate head coach Jeri Marshburn said. 

Marshburn describes five keys to Irvine’s continued success in this week’s Club Excellence spotlight.

1. Dave Salo. His creative and out of the box thinking has really motivated us and allowed us to be ourselves and develop our own coaching styles. He’s never told us “you have to coach this way” – that’s made a big difference for all of us. 

2. The longevity of our coaching staff. I don’t know how many teams out there have coaches who have been there over 20 years. It really keeps the tradition alive with the team as things are passed down. 

3. We recognize as a coaching staff that the sport evolves all the time, and we’re not perfect. We’re always looking at our weaknesses and trying to improve those weaknesses. 

4. We, as coaches, know who we are as a team; we know what our team stands for, and we run the team. We don’t let others try to run the team. We support each other and stand behind each other in everything that we do.

5. Our parents and volunteers. We wouldn’t be able to run the meets that we run without the support of our parents and volunteers.

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