Brush up on the Risks behind Energy Drinks


Energy drink illustration.According to a recent report in the New York Times, five people have died over the past three years after drinking Monster Energy, a popular energy drink. 


Last week, Wendy Crossland, the mother of a teenager who died last December from a heart arrhythmia after drinking Monster Energy, filed a lawsuit against the beverage company.


USA Swimming’s Sports Medicine and Science Committee has reviewed the risks and benefits related to energy drinks, and published a series of articles within the last year to point out the dangers associated with such drink and to provide suggested alternatives.


Here they are. Review them and discuss them with your swimmers, parents and coaches today:


Energy Drinks: A No-No for Young Swimmers 
Energy Drinks: What You Need to Know  
The Direct Health Effects of Stimulant/Energy Drinks 
Energy Drinks: Psychological Implications 
Help! Does Any of This Make Sense

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