12-year-old Explains Why Her #CoachesAre Heroes


#CoachesAreTwelve-year-old Shrusti Joshi of Stingrays Swimming wrote why her #CoachesAre her heroes and explains the impact they've made in her life. If you're a swimmer and would like to write what your coaches mean to you, please send an email here.


#CoachesAre My Heroes


My heroes are my swim coaches. Some don’t think of their coaches as their heroes, however I do. Because they’re nice, kind, loving and they have a lot of patience. They have also made a difference in my life.


I have three swim coaches, but first I’ll only talk about Coach Kim. She is the lead coach for our group with Stingrays Swimming. She is very funny, cool, and hardworking. She started with swimming when she was little and today she is the head coach. She coaches us in many funny yet extremely creative ways which helps us a lot during our practice and subsequently when we compete. She comes up with new signals and games every now and then to keep us excited. I love her games because they help us be better swimmers and they are a lot of fun. She is very encouraging with all the swimmers and be like friends with everyone. This helps me to talk with her freely to correct my mistakes or make better moves in swim meets. Her motto she shares with me is “Practice makes us perfect and never give up”

Another swim coach I have is Coach Rachel. She started this year, but it doesn’t feel like it. She is awesome, kind, and encouraging. There are many nice things about Coach Rachel. However the best thing is her patience. She always corrects us and encourages us to perform well – whether we are wrong or right.

The last coach I would like to talk about is Coach Morgan. She stays for part time for 2/3 rookie. After her 2nd rookie she does dry lands (outdoor warm-up) with us and we appreciate her. She is nice, loving and very, very, very creative with all the cool stretches and exercises she teaches us.

So again how did this change my life??? Well one thing is that they made me be a great competitive swimmer, fast yet perfect and furious swimmer. This helps me to stay healthy, fit, focused, and attentive all the time in all the things I do. I also look forward to swim practices as it’s loads of fun and I get to see my friends and which is just another way to meet them and be competitive.

This is why my heroes are my swim coaches. They encourage me in swimming and other things as well. They strive hard for us to do our best and do it right. They’re funny, cool, nice, kind and strict at the same time. 

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