Women’s Freestyle Tempos



Last week, we looked at men’s freestyle tempos and highlighted important points about tempo. The most important point being that technique should be the priority for all swimmers, especially developing age-groupers, and tempo can be integrated into training once technique has been established.

This week, we look at women’s freestyle tempos from the top 8 performers at 2012 US Olympic Trials.

Important points:

  • The women’s tempos fit into tighter ranges than the men’s tempos, potentially narrowing down the ideal tempos for elite women.
  • Women’s tempos are faster than the men for most events.
  • Just like the men, individuals that swim multiple distances have slower tempos for the longer race.
  • Also like the men, tempos tend to slow down within each length and as the race goes on. Maintaining your tempo is consistent with finishing a length and race strong, so aim to do that.

Tempo is being displayed as seconds per cycle. (Cycle = two arm strokes) 
Womens Freestyle Tempos.
This graph shows the 8 individual tempos from each event: 
 Womens Freestyle Tempo Graphs.

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