Make the Most of Your Off-Season


July-August 2013 Digital Splash. (Small)Ah, the off-season; A bittersweet time for us swimmers. We look forward to getting a break all year (Saturday mornings to sleep in!?), but when it actually comes time to stay dry for two or three weeks, we find ourselves antsy.

We never spend half that much time without our pull buoys and fins. We fear the progress we have made as athletes during the other 49 weeks of the year will be lost, or that we may fall behind if we take a break.

However, studies, coaches and experienced swimmers alike agree a break is pertinent to continue improving, and it doesn’t mean losing anything. In fact, the goal is to come back from this time mentally and physically stronger than before.

Kick your anxiety aside and truly learn how to make the most of your off-season this year in “Turning on Your Off-Season,” in the July-August issue of Digital Splash.

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