How do Coaches Choose Swimmer's Events at Each Meet?


Believe it or not, there is a significant amount of thought process that goes into selecting a swimmer’s events. When a coach selects events for a swimmer, they’re going through the entry process with an individual plan in mind for each swimmer.

Each swimmer has their own past, present and future with swimming; therefore, each swimmer’s event choices are unique to them based on several variables. Variable aspects for each swimmer include: age, birthday, recent achievement, past & future meet entries, past meet experiences, relative practice attendance & performance, and future goals. Additionally, many meet goals will revolve around the current focus and training of their respective practice group.


Below are stages of thought that go into choosing events. Depending on the variables above, each of the stages of thought will be more or less significant to each swimmer. While it may not be possible to choose the “perfect” events at every meet, there may be better events to choose than others.


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