Club Excellence Spotlight: Mission Viejo


By Emily Sampl//Correspondent

Next up in the USA Swimming Club Excellence spotlight is Mission Viejo. The Nadadores claimed third place in the 2013 standings with 33,456 points, marking the second consecutive year they’ve finished in third.

The first thing that may come to mind when thinking of Mission Viejo is tradition. The club has been around for2013 Club Excellence Gold nearly half a century, and remains the only club team in the United States to place a swimmer on the Olympic Team in every Olympic Games dating back to 1976. Mission Viejo swimmers have brought home 20 medals from those Olympics. Chloe Sutton (2008, 2012) and Larsen Jensen (2004) have represented Mission Viejo most recently in the Olympic Games.

Even with more than 600 age group swimmers on the team, Mission Viejo has found a way to produce incredibly talented swimmers year after year, from only one facility, the Mission Viejo Aquatics Swim Complex.

Head Coach Bill Rose offers five things that have led to the club’s continued tradition of success.

1. We have a very professional staff. I credit my staff with developing our swimmers from the learn-to-swim program through the entire program that will get them into an Olympic gold medal position.

2. We really have to give credit to the swimmers themselves for believing in the program and sticking with the program all the way to the end.

3. We have a great tradition at the Mission Viejo Nadadores. We’ve been in existence for almost 50 years and won 47 national championships. We have world record holders, onward and onward. We’ve put at least one person on the Olympic team every Olympics since 1976, and no other club team has been able to do that.

4. We have an understanding parent group and board of directors that allow us to do our jobs to the best of our ability.

5. The city of Mission Viejo has allowed us to continue doing the job we’ve been doing for 50 years. The people here in Mission Viejo are really brought up on physical activity and continuously strive to be the best they can be. 

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