Olympic Trials Race Data


By Russell Mark // National Team High Performance Consultant

On the eve of the start of 2013 Phillips 66 National Championships & World Championship Trials, let's take a look back at some critical aspects of the races at 2012 Olympic Trials.


By charting the average tempo of the top 8 performers, you get a really good idea of the tempos for each event. It's much better to SEE the tempos than read a range of numbers, so you can take notice of where the clusters lie, and also the outliers. Race tempos are very individual, and also vary from length to length within a race, so this just provides a snapshot of what the best within the country do.

Top 8 US Trials Men's Tempos

Top 8 US Trials Women's Tempos 

Dolphin Kicks

Kicking off the start and walls has become such a critical aspect of fast swimming. This chart summarizes what the too 8 performers did, as well as the longest kickers for each event. While it is often the case that more kicks is better, that isn't necessarily true - you have to be efficient with your kicks and not let it compromise the swimming portion of your race too.

Top 8 US Trials Dolphin Kicks

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