Let's Hear From You, The Coaches Part Two


As part of #CoachesAre month, every Thursday you'll hear from a number of swim coaches answering questions about all things coaching. If you'd like to be featured, please send an email here.


finish this sentence: I coach because_______

"I can provide a positive discipline for the future of our society." - Jim Lutz


"I want to be the difference." - Grant Dahlke, Assistant Coach; Crystal Lake Country Club and Sage YMCA#CoachesAre


"I genuinely care for my athletes and I have the ability to communicate and motivate each one differently." - Allison Brol


"It is a passion of mine to develop swimmers." - Reggie Murray


Who would be on your mount rushmore of coaches?

"I would put my old track coach from school, Jeff Johnson, on my Mount Rushmore of coaches. He had an extraordinary way of developing athletes. Each athlete had his/her own special talents and the same amount of time was dedicated to each in order to get 100% team effort. From the new athlete to the seasoned athlete, each was a piece of the puzzle that made the whole team’s success." - Carol MacDougall

"My sister, Janet Harty. She really cares about the swimmers and parents. She knows just how to encourage and push the swimmers so they reach their best performance." - Kristen Gregg

"John Wooden (UCLA Basketball), Herb Brooks (Team USA Hockey), Herman Boone & Bill Youst – (TC Williams Football), Ken Carter (Richmond Oilers Basketball) and Janes "Doc" Councilman (Indiana Swimming.)" - Mike Slotnick


how do you motivate a swimmer who is having an off day?

"Find a way to relate to a positive situation from the past or that happened that day; I find that once you get them laughing they get over what was holding them back." - Michael Galindo; North Coast Aquatics


"I tell my swimmer “if you can give me a great 25 now, even though you’re tired, that’s the minute you’ll get better."”- Coach Charyl Teal


"I often motivate swimmers who are having an off day by taking extra time to see why they are struggling and then make the lesson fun by practicing a different way in order to achieve the same success. That way, they are getting a great workout without even realizing it. I never give up on a swimmer."- Carol MacDougal; RAYS (Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team) New Hampshire


"I try to motivate my swimmers with laughter and their favorite drill. I point out their strengths and we work on them for a bit."- Dawn McAfee


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