10 Things #CoachesAre Always Saying


Here's our list of 10 things #CoachesAre always saying. Tell us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter what your coaches are always saying on deck with the hashtag #CoachesAre
Throughout April, #CoachesAre will highlight the positive impact our more than 17,000 swim coaches are making across the country.


1. "Get in the pool!"

(Orange County, Paramount Pictures)


2. "You can't just go through the motions."

(Hitch, Columbia Pictures)


3. "Never give up!"

(Cool Runnings, Walt Disney Pictures)


4. "swim like there is a shark behind you!"

(Shark Tales, DreamWorks)


5. "There is no I in team!"

(The Big Green, Walt Disney Pictures)


6. "Kick Like you Mean It!"

(3 Ninjas, Touchstone Pictures)


7. "Make waves out there!"

(The Sandlot, Twentieth Century Fox)


8. "Finish Strong!"

(The Office, NBC)


9. "Just keep swimming!"

(Finding Nemo, Walt Disney Pictures)


10. And most importantly... "Have fun!"

(Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Paramount Pictures)

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