Let's Hear It From You, The Coaches Part Three


As part of #CoachesAre month, every Thursday you'll hear from a number of swim coaches answering questions about all things coaching. If you'd like to be featured, please send an email here.


How would your swimmers describe you?

“Passionate, intense, motivational, inspiring, caring and compassionate.” -Grant Dahlke, Assistant Coach, Crystal Lake Country Club and Sage YMCA.


“Fun, optimistic and supportive.” - Carly Young


“Demanding, but understanding. I have high expectations but my swimmers always tend to meet them, even when they think they can’t. - Betsy Hondorf


What is one of your most memorable moments coaching?

“Having my swimmers take first place in 21 of 22 events at the County Championship when my daughter was on the team—a great way to finish the season!” - Mike Slotnick


“Seeing my swimmer who used to cry when it was time to go off of the blocks, turn to the new teammate, and say “Don’t worry about diving, Coach Charyl can teach you!”- Charyl Teal


“I was coaching on deck and one of the coaches wasn’t looking when she was talking to a swimmer and she fell in the water fully clothed.” - Joe McBratnie, Kingfish Aquatic Club of Waterford (KAW)


“When I was asked/offered the opportunity by Frank Busch to swim with a select group my last year because of my work ethic and not my limited talent.” - Jim Lutz


What life lessons do you hope your swimmers take with them when their swimming days are done?

“Hard work pays off. Success can be fleeting, but the lessons of working hard for something will stick with you.” - Coach Philip Yoshida

“To be responsible for their own choices, to be a good teammate in the work place, to care for others, to continue to be fit, to be great citizens in their community, to have great families and to have great time management skills.” - Tassos Madonis, Assistant Director of Competitive Aquatics Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA

“Persevere during difficult times, exude confidence, be overly honest, make good judgments, have a high level of integrity, always be courteous, respect everyone, be responsible and practice sportsmanship in every aspect of competition.” – Reggie Murray 

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