USA Swimming Announces SwimToday Campaign


USA Swimming, Speedo USA and two-time Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders will join forces to help grow participation in swimming as part of a new, national swimming campaign called SwimToday.

With all eyes on swimming this summer, national interest in the sport is at an all-time high and recent industry research* also shows that swimming is one of the top three sports that individuals of all ages aspire to participate in. The SwimToday campaign is designed to help drive participation in the sport as the countdown to London continues and builds upon USA Swimming and Speedo’s shared mission to inspire people to swim.

Through the site, the campaign will provide the tools, resources and information that individuals of all ages need to learn to swim, find a swim program, meet their fitness goals, and be active in the sport. The full site will be LIVE later this Spring, however, you can learn more about the campaign through the online presentation.

Olympian Summer Sanders, a leading voice in the sport of swimming and a mother of two, will serve as the lead spokesperson for SwimToday and will work with USA Swimming and Speedo to help raise awareness for the benefits of swimming. From learning discipline and teamwork on a competitive swim team to swimming laps to stay in shape or just learning how to swim, swimming is a sport that benefits all.

Via its online platform, will provide swimmers at any level and at any age with the information they’ll need to dive in and meet their individual swimming goals. After users find out what type of swimmer they are by answering a few quick questions, the site will offer info on how to get involved in the sport at both the beginner, competitive and fitness levels, give parents information on learn to swim programs and how to enroll their kids in healthy and fun swim activities, help users find pools in their area, and link to training tips and tools to help fitness swimmers maximize their workouts. Overall, will focus on three major areas:


  1. “Where do I swim” – By providing a database of "Make a Splash" learn-to-swim providers, USA Swimming clubs and facilities for fitness swimming throughout the country 
  2. “What level am I” – A self-guided tutorial to help determine one’s swimming ability
  3. “What do I need” – Training tools, fitness videos, and equipment recommendations that swimmers will need or want to best enjoy the sport

As part of its partnership with Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand and USA Swimming corporate partner since 1985, will link the aspiring fitness swimmer to the Speedo Pace Club, a multi-faceted website and mobile phone application designed to motivate, inspire and engage fitness and competitive swimmers through premium video content, informative editorial, social activation and training programs.

Following the national launch of, support for the campaign will include a national, regional and local media campaign, as well as signage activation at USA Swimming events, online search campaigns, digital advertising, retail promotions, coupon programs and more. Multicultural outreach will also be a part of the campaign.

There are many ways for your club to get involved with the SwimToday campaign.


  1. Make a Splash Local Partners: Update your learn to swim information in our database or learn how to become a Make a Splash local partner.
  2. USA Swimming Clubs: Update the “contact us” info on your team web site and in the USA Swimming Club Finder. Or, contact if you would like to learn how to promote your club locally.
  3. Speedo Pace Club Pools: Update your info in the Pace Club app or download it to find out how to add your pool/facility. Visit to update your info.


If you have questions, contact

* = According to the 2011 Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association “State of the Industry Report” swimming ranks in the top three of all age categories (6-12, 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-64 and 65+) for sports that people “aspire” to participate in.    

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