Deck Pass Perks: Easy as Tap, Scan, Win


Deck Pass is the official mobile application of USA Swimming. This app has always been pretty sweet, but now it just got a little sweeter.

USA Swimming released its latest version of Deck Pass, which features Deck Pass Perks! Deck Pass users can receive exclusive deals from USA Swimming and its partners through Deck Pass Perks.

Here’s how it works: People have to download the app AND create an account. If you have not already downloaded the app, Apple users can find it at the iTunes Store, while Android users can go to Google Play to get the perks. If you don’t have an Apple or Android phone, you can also create an account using any web browser from a computer or tablet.   Here’s a look at the Deck Pass landing page:

Deck Pass Perks landing page

The landing page features a new icon called Deck Pass Perks. Simply tap the icon to see exclusive deals from USA Swimming and its partners!

Deck Pass Perks perks page  Deck Pass Perks get perk

Also coming soon is the Find the Golden Patch promotion. All registered athletes have the opportunity to win free products from USA Swimming and its partners. Winning perks is easy as Tap, Scan, Win.  

TAP the Patch Scan icon located on your home screen. Once the icon is open, you’re ready to scan!

Deck Pass Perks scan QR code

SCAN the Golden Patch that you received in the mail! All registered athletes received their athlete-membership packet in the mail. If you have not received your packet yet, go check the mail!

Deck Pass Perks - check the mail 

This packet features a physical membership card, USA Swimming sticker and mini-poster, along with the Find the Golden Patch promotion.  Locate the Find the Golden Patch promotion QR code in your packet, and scan it with the Patch Scan feature located in Deck Pass!

If you don’t have an iOS or Android device, email with “Golden Patch” in the subject line with your Deck Pass username.

Deck Pass Plus golden patch promotion  

WIN free products from USA Swimming and its partners! If you have one of the Golden Patches, you will be notified what big prize you’ve won.

Deck Pass Perks scanned golden patch

It’s easy as Tap, Scan, Win!

For more information about Deck Pass Perks, click here.

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