Digital Splash: Michael Phelps's Dryland Training


Nov.-Dec. 2012 Digital Splash (Small).Splash is now available online and as a mobile app for your iPad and iPhone. The latest issue is our special tribute to the greatest swimmer of all time – Michael Phelps.


When you're the strength and conditioning coach for one of the greatest athletes of all time, it's easy for people to think that there's some kind of special "secret" involved.

Sure, Michael Phelps had the genetic make-up to be an outstanding swimmer and put in tons of hard work in the pool, but there had to be something extra special about his dryland training in order to allow him to ascend to the top of the swimming world.

Not so, says Phelps's longtime strength and conditioning coach Keenan Robinson. According to Robinson, "a multi-faceted approach to athletic development and early emphasis on the right kinds of dryland training" is absolutely key.

Read about it here, in the latest issue of Digital Splash Magazine.

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