Lessons from the Masters: Missy Franklin, 100 and 200 Back


Missy Franklin (medium)Missy Franklin is the typical high school senior: she’s going to prom, gearing up for her first year in college, and excited about the future. Except, in Missy’s case, she’s got five Olympic medals, been to the Golden Globes and the VMAs, and has a huge swimming career still ahead of her.


In this issue of Splash, we ask Missy a couple questions to help you get to know her better, and she also gives us five tips for swimming the 100 and 200 back. Read about her now in “Lessons from the Masters,” in the online edition of the May-June issue of Splash. Also available as a mobile app.


Special Online Extra: Watch Missy’s gold-medal race at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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