Training with Jack Bauerle


USeptember-October Digital Splash Magazine. (Small)GA Swim Coach Jack Bauerle has coached numerous Olympians and World Champions. Yet even after winning four NCAA titles and reaching the pinnacle of his career, he is still hungry for more as he heads into his 35th year of coaching.


“The athletes inspire me,” Bauerle says. “They’re just so fun to work with. It’s fun to see how fast they can get. I tell them they have a very short time that this is going to happen, so let’s find out how good you can be.


“It’s not the fastest swimmers whom I love coaching the most. It’s the ones who work the hardest. They are so fun. They might not be the ones to change the swimming world, but they are so good for everyone on the team.”


Read more about Bauerle’s coaching and training philosophy in “Training with Jack Bauerle,” in the digital edition of the Sept.-Oct. issue of Splash, available online and as a mobile app for your iPad or iPhone.

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