Club Excellence Profile: Carmel Swim Club


By Caitlin Foyt//Correspondent

Carmel Swim Club is based in Carmel, Ind. just north of Indianapolis. The club finished sixth in the 2011 USA Swimming Club Excellence Gold Medal rankings. Carmel Swim Club Head Age Group Coach Ian Murray talks about what sets the club apart and shares a few aspects of the club's philosophy.


Name of Club: Carmel Swim Club


Location: We’re based in Carmel, Indiana, a city located just north of Indianapolis.


When was Carmel Swim Club founded? 1970


Notable Swimmers: We have Lacey Locke, the Junior National runner-up in the 100m backstroke. Harrison Wagner, who went to Peru for the World Youth Championships in the 50m free.


Significant Achievements in 2010: Being a community team, our high school teams train closely with us. We’ve had 24 straight high school championships for the girl, and we won the mythical national high school championships last year. We were seventh in the combined team score at the 2010 Junior National Championships.


What sets your club apart from others? We talk a lot about our culture. From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it and from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. We try to make this a place where people want to be and where families want to come. Excellence is just a byproduct of that. We have high expectations and goals and we’ve got to the point where people from other communities are saying ‘something’s going on there and we want to check that out.’


How large is your team? We’re currently about 440 athletes.


Where do your swimmers come from? The city of Carmel. 95-98 percent of our population lives in the city of Carmel.


What is your club philosophy? We’re very big on long-term development. We want kids to come in when they’re young, with a smile on their face and they want to be here. The same thing for when they’re 18 and they’re on their way out.


Where can people go to learn more about your club? Our club website:, we have a Facebook page under Carmel Swim Club and a Twitter account: @CarmelSwimming 

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